To all the mature Men,

You probably think that being born differently than a female is what makes you superior?  Or is it that what you think because that is what you have been taught? Is being female a crime? Why is having different physical structure than male makes female uncomfortable in their own body? From my 21 years of experience living in this world as a female, I learnt that, having a vagina and set of boobs is what makes us different from the guys.

Being a female means getting to enjoy the rights and privileges to anything in the world but why are there the differences?

Being a female is not a crime, and having to know and be proud of the body you have is not a crime either. So why are we told to hide our body in public? We are considered to be slut or whore based on the clothes we wear. Why is it difficult for you to understand that we don’t dress to please you but we do because we are comfortable in it?

Being a female means not exposing our bodies in public. The bra strap that shows from our t-shirts shows we have we no self-respect. The thighs that is seen with shorts or the stomach when wearing crop tops or even the tube shirts we wear are provoking men to look at us in different way. No! it is not only for that, our body that we know of well, there is always someone who knows better. Our mind, that can think for itself, thankyou very much, we have no control over. “think twice before speaking to any guy”, “think before you step out of the house about the clothes you are wearing”, “think twice before laughing with a guy friend”, going to a party?? Coming home late at night? Why should we think twice before doing anything we like, because if we do that, we are no longer acceptable for marriage? Yes! At the end everything makes a full circle and ends at marriage. Being a girl/female we fight for not just having a different body, but we fight for our rights to wear what we want, to study where we want and most importantly we have to fight for our rights to be born.

We are made to believe that we can be anyone we want, yet we have restrictions when we actually want to achieve those dreams. We can talk about becoming a doctor or an engineer but we cannot talk freely about our body, why? Because it is a scared subject that shouldn’t be discussed in the public and is considered unrefined which shouldn’t be heard from a female’s mouth. But the funny thing is that, they teach us, having freedom to explore our body and know it, is us screaming for men to rape us. This society have taught us that, we can remove our clothes and let an unknown man fuck us in the name of marriage but if same thing happens on the street it is considered rape and the girl is done for life. She will have no rights to live in the society among people who are mature and considered pure for life.

When we make cry and are full of grief because of the pressure from the society, we cannot even think about going against it! Because we are going against the culture, we cannot speak for the body we have because that would disrespect the societal system. Because being a girl/female means we put on a million dollar smile in face and let it happen to us the very next day. After everything, no matter how much we fare in life, we are a sexual object at the end. A sexual object that opens and closes the legs for those horny bastards who made such rules in the first place.

Because being a girl means while they rape us of our soul and of our body, we have no right but to stay put and hope for best at the end.

sincerely, all the girls who need change in the society



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