To all the broken hearts,

Not everyone find their other halves in the first person they date. Some have to go through kissing many frogs before getting to the right one and some have to go through heartbreaks that will make them stop believing in soul-mates and few even have to remain single for a longer period of time.

But believe me when I say this, there will be one day, when everything will be as you wished for. One day when you will meet the one, you have for all your lives and then everything you have been going through will be worth it because you found the one and because you had the patience to wait for the right one to come along.

One day you will meet someone who will knock out the breath from you and that will be when you least expect. The feeling of finding love for the first time, being loved and adored will make you breathless and they will want to be with you because you are worth it.

One day, there will be someone by your side whose face will light up every time they see you, and they will smile and laugh on your jokes and funny acts because it makes them happy. They will hold your hand and kiss you at random times, they will hug you when you need it the most and even when you don’t because they want to hold on the feeling, hold onto you because they love you.

One you there will be someone who will hold your hand and listen to you talk about your past, family, friends, basically everything, not out of sense of responsibility because they understand what you have been through and are going through.

One day there will be someone who will share their fears, worries and struggles they have and you will be pillar they were always hoping to have in their lives. They will cry, show their weakness and their demons only to you because, they know you will understand them like they understood you.

One day you will meet someone, whom you will want to hug harder, kiss harder and love harder because you both know the feeling of love and that is what it makes it special. That will make the both of you explore the world in different eyes. The world will seem bigger with endless opportunities, it will be better because you have each other in your lives and that is what is beautiful.

One day you will meet the person who will make you better and who you will make better because life is funny that way. You both will have difference but those differences will what make your lives interesting. You will learn new things each day.

One day there will be someone to take care of you on your worst, watch cheesy romantic movies and smile at you when you cry or make comment because they are content just watching you be yourself. You don’t have to change your ways and neither do they because you are just perfect for each other.

One day you will meet The One, who will make all the other relationships seems unimportant as they will love you to the end. They will make love so beautifully that will make your knees go weak bring tears to your eyes because they make everything seem like a fairytale.

One day there will be someone by your side who will make you realise why it never worked out with the others because the universe had other plans. Others plans that being feeling of being loved so tenderly that you could get lost into the feeling for hours.

One day they will make you see that, you belong together not because it was the plan of universe but it was what you both wanted at the end. All the heartbreaks, breakups and struggles won’t matter then because they will be there in your life to stay and make it more beautiful than you had imagined.

Don’t stay broken hearted because The One you want is not there in your lives because One day everything will make sense.

From, the girl who has experienced it all.




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