To my dearest sister,

Being your elder sister its my job to be there for you, be there to listen to you whine, support you when you needed the most and to act like an elder brother when you have guy problems but it amazes me how you have managed to reverse our roles. You were there for me when I talked about my life, love, relationships, and studies and never once did you complain. You made me laugh, you supported me when I argued with mom, acted like an ass or even when I went through crazy hair-coloring stage of my life.

Now that I look back onto our relationship, you were always there to hold and hug me when I whined about everything even when it was the last thing you wanted to do.  We fight, we argue, we literally hang onto each other’s hair and we even slam the door on each other’s faces, but at the end of the day we are always together. We always make up faster than one could say pizza because no matter what we love each other and truth be told, we really cannot say mad at each other. We both can hold grudges and not talk to others for a very long time, but never at each other.

We have grown up together; we know each other’s secret and trust each other and even lie for the other and I am proud to say that this is the girl I grew up with because she is damn good and is my sister.  We are both polar opposites and have so many differences but at the same time we are similar and we both know it.

Thank you remaining headstrong in every situation and having my back the same time and I thank god every freaking day because I got you as my sister. We are both exploring different worlds, and facing different challenges every day basically we are both growing and yet you still manage to make me feel a part of your life and I thank you for that.

You think so highly of me and hang onto everything I say but did you know I think the same about you. This charming, kind-hearted and pretty girl has managed to be someone I adore and love the most. I probably don’t say it often and I know you feel sad when I don’t compliment you when you look beautiful or make silly faces at you when you are doing something but I hope you know that I love you. I love my little sister even when I have crazy dramas in my life. I love you even when I am having the busiest day and cannot talk to you and even when we are having those late night talks about everything and anything that comes to our mind. I love you, and your selfie crazed ways because I love you even when you are crazy.

I may not have been there for you every time but at the times I have been there for you, I understood that you are that one in a million crazy assed sister who is strong, independent, sweet and undoubtedly one of the most humblest soul I know. I’ll be there for you on your best and worst moments; I’ll be there for you to share your sadness and to celebrate your happiness and whenever you call and you don’t have to ask because that is what sister’s do. I am proud of the person you are becoming and as your sister my love for you is never changing and I’ll be there for you -I promise.sister-kiss

Yours amazing wonderful big sis.


4 thoughts on “Unsent letter 4: to my dearest sister

  1. I m so jealous of u both … bcz u hv great siblings.. but on the other hand … amazing message a sister can ever get … nd yea blessing to have sisters like u ppl


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