To the person who has my heart,

When I was ten, Love was at first sight, it was looking at you and wondering what were you thinking about, Love was you being my first crush and the first boy I ever laid my eyes on. Love was praying that we get paired together in class. Love was coming home after school and thinking about how cute you were at the assembly when the sunlight shone directly at your face. Love was smiling at small things you did and how you avoided looking straight at my eyes when talking to me. Love was learning little things about you and writing our names together in every copy and smiling and just smiling because it was fascinating and the feeling was wonderful.

When I was sixteen, love was far way beyond my reach. I was growing up and the feelings for you grew each day. It was the feeling of happiness when I caught you looking at me or when we were paired together in class and were both shy even to look at each other. Love was when you asked for my English book and we both felt the spark when our hands met. It was just peeking at other and when our eyes met we both could see admiration and so much more. It was one-sided effort and unsure feeling that went away without a second chance.

When I was twenty, love wasn’t you. We both moved on, had a life on own, it was the forgotten feeling about us. Love was the once in a blue moon chat we had but still managed to tell lots of things. Love was the unknown and the faith that I had on you. Love was thinking about each other in the middle of the day. Love was hitting the like button on Facebook status and commenting on photos because that was all we could do.

At twenty-one, circumstance lead us to be together. Love was sudden, it was life changing. It was what made us who we are. There was nothing holding us back, and love was finally about us, about us being selfish because that is what we wanted. Love was finally being able to talk without restrictions and getting to know each other after so long. Love was all about those talks over pizzas and coffees. It was finally wanting to claim you before anyone else does. Love was selfish because we had missed out on so many opportunities but now we are together because we beat out so many odds.

Now that we are together love is us, it is a feeling of being able to sit in silence and think about all those decision we took to be together. It is those whispered conversations at night, those sneaky kisses and weird selfies. It is those late night text’s after a long day, it is those I miss you’s  and I love you’s that means so much more than just words. love is being contented just by looking at each other on video chats because who need words when your eyes convey whatever needs to be said. It is that petty jealousy that makes us not want to talk to each other at times. It is appreciating everything even those tears and smiles or wanting to wish each other first on birthdays. Love is wanting better for the both of us. It is the promises that we make to each other because at the end what we have is worth the pain.

Love is beautiful because it is a choice. A choice that we both make when our world are miles apart. Love is the path we take because at the end no other feelings mattered than ours because love is peace. After seven odd years love is finally real and I don’t want to let go of that feeling, let go you.

From the girl who has your heart.


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