To my best friend,

Its probably been a long time since we talked and sat facing each other and bared our soul. I know its difficult when we both literally live in different time zones but you have always managed to be a blessing in my life.

Thank you for being there even when you had a busy schedule to follow. We have grown and have come a long way since we first met but thank you for always taking care of me and making me do things that I would not have probably done without you pestering me about it. For always giving me reasons to wake up, smile and stay positive. For always having my back no matter what. Thank you for not leaving my side when I was dancing with joy, when I was on the hospital bed and even when I was crying about thousands different problems that didn’t even matter on your lap. You are one wonderful soul that always makes me feel pretty even when I dress like a hobo. I love you for that and so much more that there aren’t enough words to describe how much you mean to me.

For making me see good in people and having me forgive them even when they hurt me bad. I know that sounds silly but without you I wouldn’t have come so far. For always being the shoulders I could rely on when things went wrong and being my support system when I was too weak to stand. For always loving me and telling me that I am worth all the trouble. Thank you for always re-applying make-up on my tear-streaked face and telling me I look beautiful even when I didn’t, for always being my plus-one and telling me everything is going to okay even when life sucked! You have seen me on my best, on hospital beds, on your lap crying and even dancing with joy yet you never complained and always cared for me. Thank you for being there without any hesitation.

Thank you for always being the person not to judge me even when I fell in love for all the wrong reasons and telling me they weren’t worth it. For letting me make my mistakes and learn from them because life is very long and we might not be together then. For thinking about my future and for knowing what is best even at mid-night crises. You are like the shining star that guides me through the dark and the sun that shines bright just to make my day. You always seem to know what exactly to say to make me smile.

I know I am not the easiest person but thank you for still staying even after I bared my soul and darkest past, the bruised and battered heart because you love me anyway. Thank you for knowing my deepest secrets and deciding to stay with my crazy self. Thank you always knowing when to cheer me up and making me speak about what is wrong when I clearly wanted to be left alone and for knowing to give me my space always with good intentions at heart.

Thank you for being the bestfriend who listened to me babble about non-existing aliens and UFO’s and for listening to my crazy theories like they were the most interesting thing in the world. For always being there  take ridiculously goofy pictures anywhere anytime, for always wanting to be seen with me even with my weird ways because there is nothing else better than being amused by my grossest antics and telling people that you love me even when I embarrassed you

I am lucky that I found you, I am lucky that I found more than one of you, who will always have my back, fight with me and make sure that I win. I thank you for being you above all because none would be possible without the single “hi” you chose to tell me in the crowd of so many.

From your amazingly wonderful best-friend


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